Sweet little maxi skirt / cover up

This is one of my favorite sewing projects. Little girl dresses are so sweet and easy to make out of almost anything you have lying around. Today’s dress/maxi skirt was made of a women’s 2x Cami and a scrap from a women’s xs dress (this piece came from a dress someone brought me and asked me to make into a skirt.) I started with these…

First I decided on a length based off a pair of my daughter’s leggings. I wanted this piece to be multipurpose and she is in love with my maxi skirts, so I wanted it to brush the tops of her feet. I cut straight across the tank top about an inch above the length I marked (sorry, forgot to get pics of this step!) 

Next, I cut a piece of 1/4″ elastic​ to be the same width as the shirred tube top piece. I sewed the ends of the elastic together to make a tube, then marked the tank top piece and elastic in quarters and pinned it to the outside/ right side of the tank top. I did a wide zig zag stitch, pulling​ the elastic as I sewed, which gathered the tank top piece as I went. Now the tank top opening was gathered to the same size as the shirred piece.

I flipped the shirred tube piece inside out and slipped it over the now same size pink skirt piece (which should be right side out still), then pinned the edges together. 

Next I switched to a longer straight stitch and sewed the two pieces together with a 1/2″ seam, stretching it lightly as I sewed to make sure it had room to be put on and off over her head or hips. 

Finally, just flip the top right side out and you should have a sweet little tube dress/ maxi skirt. I used the lace hem of the tank top as my hem so didn’t have to do anything with that, and the shirred top was already done as well. All in all, this took​ around 20 minutes including measuring. I love a fun quick project with instant gratification, don’t you? And little miss just absolutely loves it

I did end up having to take the top in a bit, and might add some straps that can be tucked in in skirt mode, just because an active little miss might have a wardrobe slip, but I meant for it to be worn over her swimsuit when worn as a dress so I’m not sure I’ll do that. 
Hope you enjoyed reading along! Do you have any old clothes laying around that might be better as a summer dress for your little miss?


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